Linking cyber security & business leadership


bossanalytics business software

Cyber or Project Risk

Manage your cyber or project risks with scientifically proven methods to translate risk score to money

Where to Invest

Featuring advisory on where you should invest to reap the most benefit of your effort to secure your business

Power of Analytics 

Use collected data to predict future scenarios and get investment advisory   


Managing your cyber risks. Masterfully. AI powered threat modelling and defence management tool for deep analysis and protection of your valuable digital assets.

Learn to know the threat actors, their paths and methods to attack your quarters and your crown jewels. Then you devise your defence, monitor it and keep it current.

Model it. Measure it. Monitor it.
Be Advised and Mentored.
Be the organisation's Cyber Risk Guru.

We will build your skills and provide the tools to master it.

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bossanalytics cyberrisk

Up your risk management to the business level by measuring assets, risks and effectiveness of security controls in monetary terms. Use simulation to consider if the predicted losses for the current defence level is acceptable, or if it is financially worthwhile to invest more. This will support business leaders with easy-to-grasp risk information so they can make informed decisions. Applying this approach will ultimately balance the organisation's security spending and align it to your risk appetite 

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bossanalytics projectrisk

Get rid of Excel sheet project risk management and get in control of the organisation's project risks, how they impact the project economy and the benefits the projects promise to deliver. Featured with a task flow engine to get full control of all risk mitigating activities gives you instant monitoring of the well-beings of your projects and the benefits they are aiming for.

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bossanalytics iamanalytics

Identity & Access Governance is a crucial function to ensure success in operating your IAM solution. With our software you get your head around proper governance by measuring activity and view and simulate changes to your access models as needed. By continuous monitoring you will always be on top of the efficiency of your solution.

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Cybersecurity Economics

We help your organisation get the most out your security spending. That involves identifying and valuing information assets, assessing existing defence and using predictive analytics to find your optimal cybersecurity investment level. In full operation, you will understand how much you are spending on cyber defence, and what you can expect to lose at this defence level, how the risk against your assets is evolving and if it is approaching your risk appetite level. Furthermore, you can assess whether a new control is worthwhile by determining if its ROI is positive

Identity & Access Economics

Through years of implementing IAM solutions, we know where and how you'll get the most out of your investment. This involves assessing what systems have best return on investment, which authoritative data sources you should use, how you should preserve the quality of such data, and how you should measure the effectiveness of the solution. An ideally implemented IAM solution is one that has a positive ROI, increases end-user productivity and ensures compliance particularly in areas related to confidentiality.

Security Project Management

Security Project Management, particularly around Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Risk Management are notoriously complex and therefore require more than just plain vanilla project management skills to deliver value. A successful security project is delivered on time, but must also demonstrate tangible risk reduction. Selecting security projects for implementation should be based on current risk appetite level and calculated risk reduction, time constraints, and evaluated against a potential profit increase.